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Spirit Poems

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Table of Contents

1 - Dawn

2 - Noon

3 - Dusk

4 - Midnight

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On nights when fire

Fills your veins

And every cup overflows

Sending bounteous love

Through the radio waves

To every beloved, sentient being

On days when electricity

Lights your brain

Music surges through

Red and white blood cells

Carried to every major organ

Filling churches

And rooms in the heart

In minutes that seem to stretch

Out forever

Like flowers held

In the palm of your hand

That bloom and bloom


My circle of compassion

Stretches across the whole world

Crying tears that aren't mine

And filling with the light

Of a thousand suns

That pulse from the divine

All of this emanates

From an infinitesimally

Tiny point

A black hole that sucks in

Stars and supernovas

We oscillate like

Tiny strings

Pinging in and out

Of existence

We circle like electrons

Like planets around stars

Shooting from the

Point of origin

Dancing into existence

Within the space of ten minutes

I unlock a thousand doors

Every one of them marked with your scent

Every one of them

Leading home

I lay my head and drift

Through countless layers

Like a sponge cake

Filled with cream and vanilla

I yearn for sweetness and pleasure

And the light in which

Everything dissolves

I expand beyond mountains

Beyond clouds

Beyond atmosphere

Beyond planets

Beyond stars

Beyond vacuum

And then crash back into this body

And marvel at these two chicken hands

These feathered ornaments

Of poetry and communication

As I bring back treasures

From the depths of oceans

I slip away into ecstasy

And grieve for every single being

I fill with lifetimes of stories

And then become smaller than an atom

All of this dissolves

And disappears

And the million eyes

Of the universe

Look upon me in wonder

Beckoning me to

Sublime myself

Through the tiniest

Crack in the window

Where light slants in

And echoes




The path to heaven is well trod

You do not have to traverse

That forest alone

The stars have been mapped

By many masters

Of navigation

They left trails

And treasures

Dropped like manna

Coded in language

And deposited in

The holy texts

These piggy banks

Filled with riches

I have fallen on my knees

In the cold night

As despair wrapped its bony

Arms around me

And the chill of cold death

Shivered with dread

Pain ate its way

Through my body

Until I lay, arms spread

Hands and feet bleeding

And the cry went out

''Why have you forsaken me?''

God knows

This earthly frame

Contains a million keys

To unlock the gateways

Of bliss

As I drop into stillness

And sweep the hallways of karma

And clean the visors

Of my vision

I look up at the rounded

Full fat moon

In throes of rapturous ecstasy

Tears of unfettered beauty

Hug the ends of my eyelashes

And I fall on my knees

In devotion

To the one who breathed life

Into this moment

I do not walk this path alone

There are lines stretching back

Through passages of time

The fullness

Of the wisdom

Of the masters

Beats in the very heart

Of the world

I tap into this pulse

And rhythms of universal love

Dance around the layers of my blood

Shedding skins and standing naked

In the fires of initiation

Coming home to it all

Coming home

There are signs in every moment

That boomerang from the dark side of the moon

My intuition

Reaches through murky atmospheres

And sings loud

In piercing tones

''You know the way to go, beloved

You know the way to go''

To No-one

First kiss

Love's blush

Crushing perfume

Under a candy moon

We sit in these rooms

Listen to endless rain

Singing pain and sweetness

In droplets that

Pitter patter

Smattering my dreams

With smidgeons

Of colour

In my mind

I'm every tree

And every star

And I reach beyond

The limitations

Of this world

Of this body

Of this time

Show me my crime

Let me see the stories

Of my soul

Written in scrolls

Stored in crystals

Access the akashic

And cleanse my karma

Cleaning the visors

Show me images

Of crystalline bliss

Reaching its hands

Through every timeline

The hands of the clock

Devour me slowly

Until I turn around

And centuries have passed

How many wars

Must we fight within

Until every day

Becomes the holy day

Until surrender snakes

Through our bodies

Become pure vessels

Of true divine light

How many trails

How many winding stairs

Until I see that face

Without blemish

How many deaths

How many turns

In the teeth

Of Mother Kali

Can I taste the tongue

Of timelessness

Can rapture

Reach down

Through my crown

And lift me out

Of endless illusion

Oh God


What does sadness taste like?

Can we dance on the lip of despair

But avoid gnashing teeth

That envelop and ensnare?

Can we burn in love so fiercely

That we are declared mad

Our heads on fire

With no desire for water?

If our eyes could turn inward

And peer into themselves

Could we find the origins of time

And the seat of all thought?

How do we measure eternity?

The original transistor radio

That sends waves rippling

From the point of singularity

If we stand on our heads

Can we get a different view?

Like seeing through fresh irises

And teaching new pupils

Is it possible

For any work of art

To be as

Magnificent as a flower?

The most delicate reminder

That beauty is fleeting

As petals wither

And fall to the ground

If we sit with our spines aligned

Can we fly like an eagle?

Soaring above all things

Detached from politics and personal drama

If we speak softly

Will our ears open wider?

Will we attune to ever more

Subtle sounds?

If we think a thought

Is it plucked from some unknown source

Where all potentials sit waiting

To be brought forth?

If we die to ego

Will we dance the dance

Of the One without Name

That resides in all things?

As they wait

To remember themselves……

If we speak in tongues

Would we be understood?

Some language of the heart

Without rhyme or reason

That births endless seasons

Of untold love

If we give

Everything to this day

Would it hold

Us in sweet embrace?

Would life beckon us on

To reach through fear?

To dance with our shadow

In the recess of the night?

If we follow our dreams

Would they turn back and swallow us

So we peer through the tongue

Of all we deem worthy?

Would we turn around

And see images reflected

Of God breathing

Down the nape of our neck?

If we paused for one moment

And let go of agenda

Let life pierce the shell

Of aversion and craving

Would we come so utterly alive?

Senses pulsing

All magnets facing north

Every star and planet aligned


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