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Take This Book As

You Will

Phillip Magaña

To the misfists of the world...

Do You, Be You

Take This Book As You Will

Storytime: Nevermore

Comfort and Contempt


Real Magic

Us and That




A little Tough Love

Storytime: Video Game


Feelin' You

Midnight Sun




Love You




Not Perfect


Storytime: Blame Game



Slow Love



Storytime: Peace Be Your Journey

This Moment

A Little Love


As A Man




Got You






Package Deal





Feels Good


Storytime: In my own footsteps



Worth It



Bring it in

Smile for Me

Story Past

Journey On

Maybe, Someday


A Stone Heart




This is Us


First Kiss







What I've Learned (My Life Quotes)

Storytime: One Thing

Storytime: Different

Storytime: Nevermore

There was a man who lived by the Sun, but loved by Luna. He would get sad by the waxing and waning of her, and Luna, who shined above in the night, would notice his tears.

Luna would ask, “Why do you cry for me?”

The man answered, “You've always been with me, and there are times when the people here on Earth, who are supposed to be closest to me, seem as far away from me as the distance between us.”

Luna spoke: “I'll always be with you, no matter what happens in your life. Take comfort in knowing I'll be with you until the end of your days.”

And that was good enough for the man, for through the years, as she waxed and waned through the night sky, Luna was there with him. He took comfort knowing that she was there, through all stages of his life.

When the man became old and his journey was at its end, he received a special visitor at his bedside: it was Luna's aspect. He smiled brightly at her like the Sun, overjoyed by her presence.

“You had a good yet lonely life”, Luna said. “I'm sorry you never found true love.”

“But I did,” he smiled. “I found it in you.” The man rose from his bed to his feet, embracing Luna, who smiled and shed a tear.

“Why the tears, dear Luna?”

“Because everyone needs love, and you gave that to me. Thank you.”

And with a kiss, they scintillate like a sparkler into the night, to leave each other’s side...nevermore.

Comfort and Contempt

This is life, right?

It's where you miss opportunities, make mistakes, and learn valuable lessons, correct?

It's a series of events where you hope to make good on the time you have, form a tribe, and maybe fall in love?

Somewhere along the way, all that skipped me.

Sometimes it feels like Life is having me live outside the box to learn different lessons than everyone else.

Sometimes it feels like Life is playing a dirty joke on me, where only it gets the punchline.

Maybe I see it, maybe I've just ignored it.

The punchline is probably where I live outside the box, while wandering inside the box of my living room, watching everyone else live life and do them.

Maybe the punchline is where everyone doesn't want me to leave this comfortable spot so they know where I'm at, at all times, just so it makes them feel better about themselves.

That's it then. That's the punchline.

I'm supposed to waste away in comfortability just like them...


You always ask your heart for help yet always deny its advice

You want your heart to guide you yet don't follow its lead when it shows the way

All that, yet you have the nerve to complain when it abandons you


Real Magic

There are days when a kiss and a smile make past bullshit disappear.

When a hug's energy heals hidden wounds and revives the soul.

How about when a simple “I love you” makes you forget bad happenings?

That's Magic. That's Real.


Us and That

It isn't the love you give, but it's a bonus.

It's not your smile that warms my heart, but I appreciate that.

Could it be the kisses you slip in throughout the day when we're together? Naw, but those make me feel good.

It's you. Your style, your charm.

When you bring it in for a hug.

When we laugh like kids and do our thing.

It's you.




I found out the hard way, like many people do, that strength isn't built in a gym pushing weight.

It's surviving your hardships, your struggles. It's looking in the mirror, smiling at yourself, knowing you did it.



Pain is part of Life's game.

Own it, learn from it,

but never let it consume you.




Quit trying to change me

I'm not a dog you can train

I'm not someone you can mold

like clay to show off to your friends

I met you as a complete person

Don't treat me simple,

don't treat me as a compliment

Love me like you did,

before your friends tried to dictate

A little Tough Love

Everyone goes through heartbreak.

Get over it.

Take it as a lesson that the Universe

sent you:

Nothing in Life is easy.


Storytime: Video Game

I do my life as a video game...

I know certain moves to help

me win, not to help anyone else win.

You have to figure out those moves on your own. All I know is how to beat the boss level my way, how to get past certain trails, certain paths, done my way.

Be the start of your own video game, do the moves to help YOU win.

In the end, that's all that matters




Hot damn. Love is being unpredictable again!

Just when you think everything's cool,

along comes someone who makes your

heart race.


Feelin' You

Looking in your eyes,

I see hope,

a chance.

Something that was missing

from my life.


Midnight Sun

You with your whiskey,

me with the tequila.

A summer's evening,

chillin' by the fire pit.

We give that look,

our shirts come off.

We step close,

the magic happens.

In the distance,

we hear the wolves howl.



Imma be selfish...

I wasn't ready for you to go yet.

Wasn't ready for the empty void I

knew was coming.

You told me as a kid, “nothing lasts”.

You told me as a man, “protect this house”.

You told me in a dream, “sangre espesa”.

I'd trade all those lessons for one

more day, Grandma.

I had so many questions and

more things to learn.

I should've paid attention more.

What's up with the Pinche Triste feelings?

I just miss you.



It starts with a smile.

The kind that makes you

smile back and warms hearts.

The one that makes you get

past your shyness and makes

you do something you rarely do.

That lets you approach that

person and say hi, 'cause their

smile has that kind of gravity.



Leave it to one person who loved us

all to reunite old friends and family.

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