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Dedicated to all my friends. God bless you all.


Hidden Secrets

Heart of a Stone


The castle



Without You

Autumn of Absence


Shattered Soul

Broken Heart




Be Strong

If I could


Sorry for the pain I caused you


The beauty of nature




I hate waiting

Dark road

Freedom fighters

Talk with self

One night

From my window

Hidden Secrets

Once I pretend I don't have a heart;

For it, I had lost my life.

But in my life, I met you and

The walls started breaking down.

I tried to pretend I don't care,

But, I let my heart smile and sing.

Yet, the darkness came again,

It invaded me.

I tried to hide my true feeling;

Wearing a mask of lies,

That only broke my heart.

I stood under the rain,

Spreading my wings,

I raised higher in the sky,

A sudden embrace,

A gift that was given to me,

By a shining bird;

My heart started beating for

the part I thought I lost,

Can't you see no more pain,

My joy returned,

But, inside me the feeling

Is killing me from the inside,

Breaking my walls,

All my tears have dried,

I wanted to reveal my hidden secrets.

But, I imagine your sympathy.

I wanted to fly away;

To erase these memories.

One day my heart will recover,

And I will say what you wanted to hear,

Please don't push me,

Please forgive this broken heart.

Heart of a stone

One day I had a heart, for it, I lost the smile,

It beats every day, but inside there is only death,

The blood turns to a burning fire, slung it with no mercy,

This heart was a lightning jungle, now it is a veldt,

Nights and days, this heart cried for its past,

I waited and waited for the rainbow to come back,

But it was just an illusion of hope.

One day I had a heart, for it my life turned up down,

This heart smiles every day, not for happiness but for misery,

This heart turned to a stone,

His tears turned to a merciful pain.

One day I had a heart, for it, I lost the life,

This heart of a stone is my only companion,

For not breaking again, it becomes cold,

As the darkness of the night, it becomes eternal darkness.


One day when all the lights went away,

And darkness invaded the sphere,

A memory revived and started to grow inside my faded mind,

Such a beautiful memory brought me to life,

Inside my land, the memory becomes a glorious garden,

I watered each flower and made it grew wild and beautiful,

Each flower has a soft sharp throne

I take care of them, but I couldn't touch them,

For such beauty is prohibited to touch.

This garden holds my stunning memories,

Permanent memory to live in my heart,

This garden feeds on my past,

Past will never come back,

But, it lives in the memory's garden.

The castle

A hidden knight entered the castle's wall,

Without invitation, he captivated the diamond,

Without thinking she led him to her heart,

With each sound, she melted in his voice,

An angelic voice of a crimson bird,

She led him through her forest,

And through the blue lake,

His eyes imprisoned her,

Singing and dancing under the moon,

The sound of lute and tambourine,

Born on the wings of a gentle breeze,

A voice as light as the morning dew,

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