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12 Volts of Eccentricity.

Darren Hobson

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12 volts of eccentricity 2014

eBook #4

In the second half of 2014 after I had published all my backlog of material and ideas I found myself with a clean slate, even though my free eBooks were not very successful I decided to continue on another path, a change of strategy. So I thought of writing a set of poems linked by a common theme.

I love wordplay and so I came up with the phrase twelve volts of eccentricity , a collection of twelve poems all about the madness in the world today, most of the poems written here were written reflecting the title I gave the poem, basically I came up with an eccentric title and expanded the idea into a poem. The dancing cats strike back is obviously a tongue in cheek title referring to a certain space opera, and Sad Song was my way of closing the eBook inspired by a rock ballad performed by a group called Poison .

I don’t know if any of you readers listen to rock or metal but sometimes the artist writes a concept album from Queensryche and their Operation Mindcrime or even the stunning Cruelty and the Beast by Cradle of Filth amongst others, sometimes I write my eBooks as if I was writing a concept album, which means my poems will have different rhythms . Basically the start of the eBook / album has to have a strong opener , some softer chimes in the middle and a good last track to tie up the whole concept of the eBook or album, obviously leaving a question mark or an option to make a sequel.

This eccentric piece of work was written in the autumn of 2014, some of it written whilst I was in the waiting room of a dentist, which was an eccentric place to write, especially as I’m living in Italy and the nosey patients couldn’t read what I was writing because nobody knows English. This eBook currently has 1200 downloads to its name, yet nobody has reviewed this piece.

Darren Hobson Rome 06 March 2019

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12 Volts Of Eccentricity.

We all need power it seems

We all need a reason to live

In a film with happily ever afters

Everyone lives to give

They the ones with perfect lawns

The ones with not a care in the world

Everybody a clone of 1950s America

All living the American dream

Fast forward to the apocalypse

The year 2014

There is total chaos out there

There has always been

A power house and a substation

Something to generate the supply

The whole world has gone eccentric

The whole world is about to die

This is no blockbuster movie

Arnold and Bruce do not make an appearance

Rocky cannot win this battle

And the Terminator looks lame compared to this

There is a community meltdown

We have lost all loyalty

Welcome to the end of days

And 12 volts of Eccentricity

We will jolt you into thinking

We shock your treatment

That tingling in your nervous system

Is my voice of wisdom and justice

We need to educate the kids

In a proper decent way

The politicians should be fined a week’s wage

For every single bad day

The food we eat should be natural

And the cats should be left to dance

We should stopping hunting our predators

And we should embrace everything’s plight

Money should be used when necessary

And not for the means of corruption

We should be environmentally friendly

And far away from every volcanic eruption

We should leave rivers to run their natural course

And public hospitals should not operate and fund

Vain plastic surgery which is unnecessary

Only the dying should head the queue

And not some big breasted out of date top model

We are plugging you in to reality

With my 12 volts of eccentricity

Read it

Learn it

Memorize it

Correct your mistakes

The future and dignity of the human race

Is what is at stake

We need to have more harmony

And less eccentricity

Teach people what you know

Without being big headed

Then learn something from your neighbour

You will not regret it

Playing with eccentricity is like shooting dynamite

Someday, some way you will not make it

Let us get our standards back

And stop behaving like beasts

Let us find the real human in us

Let us shine in humanity

Everybody is equal and a book to be read

So let us turn the tide of greed

Turn the page here and now

There is another poem to be read.

Throwing Stones In Already Broken Greenhouses

You had to do it again

The damage was already done

Backstabber Cesar style

Obviously it was not enough

You had to twist the knife

Damage multiplied

With your cold heart evil stare

Manipulating lies

Just when your battle was won

Let us forget the way you did it

You have to leave the teeth marks

That you just had to inflict

You are throwing stones

In an already broken greenhouse

With your victim dead or dying

You are the type to give

Just one last kick

You are common in this world

So common it is sick

Once upon a time

An argument freshened up the air

Just like a thunderstorm in summer

Needed but unfair

But in the olden days

The words were neither hard nor severe

Now insults cut like knives

No more thunderstorm just a F5 tornado

So we are throwing stones

In already broken greenhouses

Evil sick and twisted

I am surprised whose mouth it is

You had to go too far

You had to go for the KO

You had to be the vilest of the vile

Just to feed your pathetic ego

Like a limp body already drowned

You held the head down for two seconds more

You had to exaggerate

You had to be worse than before

Why can't you leave things be

If this is what you want to achieve

Why go over the edge

You could back down and leave

We are too fragile to hear

Too frightened to be nice

Let’s be good to one another

Let’s try to be polite

Instead of throwing stones

In already broken greenhouses

Why don't we make amends?

For example let's mend our ways

Rebuild our greenhouses

Clean the air and glass away

Getting along being kind

Maybe growing tomatoes every day.

Kidding The Kids And Chastising The Children

School should be educating

But nowadays as always

It is never that easy

Kids read a book

And that is a miracle

If they learn anything from it

As books become redundant

All the kids are online

Falling into paedophile traps

Or getting drunk on mothers wine

Nobody cares

The teachers or the parents

Because they get paid

And the parents are free of the brats

The future generation brain dead

Except for a couple of bright sparks

The books are out of date

And dusty and oh so boring

Education should be interesting

Today in class only snoring

With this type of education

We are only kidding the kids

And chastising the children

In every single country

The children that really read

Are only learning lies

History has been manipulated

On who really lived or died

Known heroes were murderers

Kings and queens of incest

Great leaders of genocide

You don't find that in the text

Just like a fairy tale

Rewritten Disney style

All the blood and guts eliminated

The real facts abandoned on a pile

Living in this fantasy

No one knows the real deal on the streets

So when school is over forever

The kids are in for a real treat

The world is cruel and evil

And not the world of publicity

There is plague and famine out there

And lots of eccentricity

So with this education today

Too much rose tinted glasses

We are kidding the kids

And chastising the children

We need to teach more life

To our new sweet generation

Teach them again the wrongs and rights

Learn to love world immigration

The kids fear too much

And they learn so little

Living in a hi-tech bubble online

This is sad to know

We should stop kidding the kids

And chastising the children

To love to learn

To learn to love

To grow to be great

And great and to know

To embrace education

To be against the flow

To live in wonder

And to live in awe

To read a good book,

And then read some more

To be proud to know

What is going on around you

With eyes opened wide

A world is before you

Your best friend is real

And is an encyclopaedia

Written with facts

Unlike Wikipedia

To step ahead

And to find like minds

Is the best for our futures

And for mankind.

When Extinction Becomes Extinct.

Millennium after millennium

Progress and development

Is what has happened on earth

Generations of survival

Somewhere we got greedy

Somewhere we got lame

With a selfish attitude

We had to be masters of the game

We are not content with our superiority

We push out the boundaries

Harming everything in our path

Destroying harmony

With the industrial revolution

The tide turned against us all

While millions of workers were employed

Slowly the world was destroyed

The whole ecosystem suffered

We were ignorant to its cries

Our hunger for industry a virus

And we signed earth's demise

And we needed wood and we needed coal

We destroyed forests and opened holes

Scarring the landscape

Destroying habitat

Genocide of sorts

Was quickly put in act

We destroyed hedgerows for better farming

Using pesticides for better food

Only now we pay the consequences

With all the chemicals in our foods

The smallest of creatures eliminated

Because they nested in the wrong place

Basically we took away someone’s dinner

And killed another mammal or fish

As greed dominates the landscape

Only now are we screaming for change

We have already killed off many creatures

In our countryside and plains

All over the world

We are killing senselessly

Killing animals who threatened are neighbourhoods

Saving the cat and dog

While committing genocide

So bears and other hunters die

To preserve our perfect lawns

The scales of justice and natural idea

Will now no longer be born

And the rich buy exotic goods

Crocodile bags and ivory

Innocent animals slaughtered

To assist the economy

The whole world are murderers

And we have changed our fate

We have almost destroyed everything

Now extinction is on our plate

From natural disasters born from man

And mountains are falling down

From the murder of seals and whales

Mother Nature has the frown

But no matter how much we write

And no matter what we say

The murder of elephants and rhinos continue

Each and every day

We have lost so much

And gained so little

To live safe carefree life

Swamped in commercialism and oil

Ignorant to the world’s strife

Plastic bags are suffocating the seas

Temperatures rise, sand in the breeze

Hurricanes stronger, seasons change

The whole orchestra of life

Has been forever changed

We have gone way too far

And we are on the brink

When we get our just rewards

When extinction becomes extinct.

Weaving Wicked Wafers.

There is not enough to go around

But the supermarkets bin a mountain

We are wasteful in what we buy

Paranoid by best before dates

And somewhere someone is dying

From lack of food

We are binning half fresh produce

We are being so rude

We need to change our options

We need to focus on who we are

We need to change our diets

Before we fall deeper into the mire

And what we buy in the supermarket

Is not what it says on the tin

Marketing ploys to deceive you

So how do we begin?

It might say made in Italy

Your produce in the USA

Believe me friends it is not true

A false product in every way

The only way we can be secure

Is get back to homemade cooking

Still you have to be crafty

And not fall into the marketing trap

Because everybody everywhere

Are weaving wicked wafers

Everybody everywhere wants their cut

We are shocked at investigations

As another famous factory shuts

Pizza made in Italy made with German cheese

Pasta sauce pulped in china

Fresh produce frozen for a year

Dicing with death, they don't care

The fish are radioactive

The fruit grown in poisonous fields

The cows are full of antibiotics

Leading into our milk and steaks

Everything seems to be contaminated

The good stuff will poison you

The fatter stuff is a death certificate

What choice have we left?

They push onto you modified crops

The EU demand a certain crop

The local farmers have gone out of business

So who is providing for you?

There is red tape and worms

In everything they sell

They are weaving wicked wafers

They are sending you to hell

Nothing we eat no more is good for you

Various diseases are killing trees

As the world food market mingles

Even alarm bells ring for the bees

We have gone from mad cow disease

Right up to chicken flu

Every modification of the seed

Will eventually kill you

They are weaving wicked wafers

Placing non organic food on your plate

Force fed to eat wafer shit

Let us protest before it is too late,

So stop them weaving wicked wafers

Get to know and help your local farmer

Get your carrots still wet and muddy

Fresher than that I don't know

We all have to be proud of who we are

And buy sensibly

But produce fresh and pure

And cook slow and pretty

Only we can say stop

To all these modified foods

Everybody should buy local produce

And live in their own shoes

So the USA and EU

Can stop weaving wicked wafers

Take that shit out of our shops

We demand to eat wisely

And none of this GM slop.

Evolution Has Evolved Invoking Evil Spirits.

Once upon a time

You know the story

Well at least my friend

You know how it begins

But take a look



Read between the scenes

Did we get any better?

Was there a jump with technology?

Has the race really evolved?

Or trodden back to 1033?

Medicine has come on in leaps and bounds

But has it really?

Is it natural to live passed

Our sell by dates?

Where religion is mixed

With living or dying

When in a cabbaged state

Where I cannot breath or remember

Shut me down

Send me on

I do not want to be

A weight for no one


Buy the kit online

And antibiotics

Have saved us from suffering

But now this medicine

Is becoming less potent

And the virus always stronger

We are dicing with death

By trying to make us life longer

Have we really evolved?

It seems we have all become ignorant

Once the curers of the land

We now poison every acre

And vandalise every tree

Forward, onward

We need to read the designs

Nature suffers

We should read between the lines

Was we really an ape

What does the monkey think of us?

They seem to be happy living basically

And maybe laughing back at us.

Evil spirits or say they say

Man has destroyed many cycles

Now Mother Nature takes back what is hers

And we fall into devolution


Back to the middle ages



Not walking



Loss of speech

Sign language


Back to where we came from





Lacklustre Lives And Lifeless Loafers

We are dedicated people

We might be right or wrong

Some of us have turned to the right

And the normal people have turned left

And there are the ones in the centre

They cannot make their mind up

And then we come to the extremes

Which has gone too far

Getting beaten up by a fascist

Just because you are on the left

Is the total opposite to political freedom

And a brutal thing to do to your rights

We see this lot in the stadiums

We also see them in power

We get them hiding in the shadows

Outside a social club

They are against immigration

In Rome they want separate schools

They have wet dreams of Mussolini

Excited to break the rules

This lot should be outlawed

They bring nothing to the political table

They just cause deep divides

And an economy unstable

They believe in hard-line ideas

They believe in violence

They are torturing the future of us

And are pathetic liars

They live lacklustre lives

And obviously lifeless loafers

Nothing better to do than bully

Themselves into cobwebbed corners

When immigration becomes a problem

Lots of idiots jump onto the Casapound boat

Attacking every kind of foreign person

Going straight for the throat

But these idiots do not see

What is inside their blood

None of these idiots are 100% Italian

Due to the evolution in these parts

3000 years of history

A far spread empire

The now Italians are a mixture

Of all that where under the Romans umbrella

Some have African blood

Others DNA from the east

Blonde hair coming from the chromosomes in the north

So who are the foreigners now?

Think before you become racist

Violence is not the answer

Fascism is not the future

Those ideas are in the past

So let us redesign our ideas

And make a future that can last.

Glass Weight Of Expectation.

What do they want from us?

We are human after all

We are born from a miracle

It is normal if we fall

We trip, we sway

Lose our minds

To remember them

Another day

The stress the strain

All over again

Ten tonnes of frustration

Living under

A glass weight of expectation

We are not robots

We will never be

We cannot keep the same rhythm

Every single day

We feel pain and get colds

Not getting younger

Just getting old

Little problems

Bite you on the rear

Addictions and prescriptions

Aspirin and beer

We all need time out

Take a well-earned breather

Common sense without a doubt

Put it on the back burner

You will never receive compensation

For living under

The glass weight of expectation

And you can feel it there

Over your head

Growing always

Suffocating you

In your bed

Parents and friends

And workers and lovers

All wanting the best out of you

Sometimes you have a bad day

Sometimes you get flu

And you want to scream

And say back off

But you don't want to hurt feelings

Or they will run off

This mind is mine

But every so often

I need some time

For my expectations

To be forgotten

Just one day

Just take it away

Rid me of this weight

That I surely hate

I want to leave it a home

When I go to work

I want it to be thinner

When I go to the cinema

I when I stand up before you

I don't want this weight to crush me

With stage fright

On my opening night

My purpose finally


And you

You crush

Blocking my words

Blocking my freedom

Losing my will

Making me ill

Hanging me by noose

Oh let me loose

And finally

I win

I forget

The chains

The weight

The iron ball

I rise and not fall

My voice is heard

My work is done

I gain applause

Standing ovation

Tired and shattered

Into a million pieces

The glass weight of expectation

Then I hear whispers

I see with my eyes

He was good today

But can he do it again

The book was a hit

But can he do better

Today he produced quality work

Tomorrow... stop

The haunting begins again

The crowd it grows

That hated weight over my head

I am back to square one

And the fragile glass weight

Grows once more

My positive self falls

Back down to the floor

Back to the drawing board

To start again

A vicious circle

An albatross around my neck

Like a mad man

With voices in his head

I have to keep on

Listening to them

And march ahead

Trying not to show weakness

Trying to be a man

Carrying a glass weight of expectation

Today it began


With the pain

To do the same

Forever more

Never to settle the score

Trapped in my destiny

Artistically free!


The Dancing Cats Scratch Back.

Just like a sci-fi film

The audience just wants more

Who would have thought

Cats that dance

Would make you roll around on the floor

It has been awhile

A bit too long

Since our darling cats

Had broken into song

So here they are

Back for you

With their tails held high

They will dance for you

And a jump to the left

A real catty horror show

More returns

Than Friday the 13th

And they demand a good rock song

To get their claws into

They will dance for the supper

Well wouldn't you

As the stereo

Makes a complete racket

The dancing cats

Are really going at it

With a purr, purr here

And a slap, scratch there

Here a dance

There a splash

Dancing cats everywhere

And all that jazz

Has got in their bones

They are calling up their cousins

On the telephone

Come on down town

Where the houses are grey

We will have supper together

And dance the night away

The old toothless cat

Leaves the spotlight

He is too old for this rhythm

Coughing and sneezing

Poor old soul

Does not want to infect them

The other young cats

Are getting in their stride

The cat with tuxedo

Runs off to hide

This is not his style

He is a spy in the making

The other regular cats

Are doing all the shaking

One cat jumps there

And the other shakes it bell

Who let the cat out?

We hear someone yell

Yes we have strays

And sometimes domestics

But the way they dance

Is so goddamn electric

From Pantera to Murderdolls

Litfiba and Rino Gaetano

What a mix

What a dance

We love this stuff

Puts you in a trance

But sadly all things

Come to an end

Like most nights here in Velletri

It starts to rain

But not a few droplets

A real downpour

So our favourite cats

Cannot dance no more

The theatre of dreams

The arenas of dance

Exit stage left

And the road side is bare

Life is sometimes not fair

We wait until tomorrow

For the rain to peter out

Tomorrow hungry again

The dancing cats

Will be back to riot!

Money Moulds A Messy Mindset


We always want more

Never content

We paint everything gold

We don't want cents

We always round up

Getting the best deal

Just to rise up

It is all about style

Proving a point

Having the shiniest car

The biggest villa

You must be seen

In all the right places

Sad to know these people

They don't know what taste is

To be humble

To share and to be kind

To be truthful

Have dignity

Without a penny

But with pride

Clear conscious

Half full fridge

In a rented apartment

Built before the war.


Laughing at the peasants

Who go back and forth

Like worker ants

We are driven here and there

Champagne lifestyle

Immaculate hair

Ties ironed worn only once

A sick disposable


Without a doubt

Money moulds a messy mindset

It is contagious

Once you get that feeling

It chokes you

The more you have

The more you need

To be one of the elite

Your heart will bleed

Cutting off friends

And ignoring family

Buying the best

Is the only thing for me

Fine suits and old wine

Five star restaurants

And company divine

Polluted by money

Holding onto the green stuff

Bank accounts in Switzerland

Something amiss

Not paying the taxes

Defrauding the government

Criminal on the run

Hiding behind a Rolls

To be the best and cutting corners

Not paying the dues

But when caught

Nothing happens

But a slap on the hand.

Back to the worker ant

Trying to make ends meet

Eating so little

And not affording meat

Behind on the rent

Then the electricity bill arrives

Cutting off the power

If you pay a week late

Where is the justice in that?

The rich con their way into a lifestyle

The poor sent to jail

One has conned us out of 50 grand

The other 50 quid

The rich get pampered by the courts

The poor man condemned

When money moulds a messy mindset

Something I cannot understand

Justice should equal for all

And everyone should pay their arrears

But the honest man worked to the bone

Should be helped by those who can

Madness shear madness

I hear the same stories every day

We need to change our morals

And the thieving rich bastards should pay.

Who Is Having The Last Laugh On The Last Day?

Getting nearer

Getting older

Getting more confused

Getting bad tempered

Losing it on a daily basis

All you see before you

Is complete madness

Sad song heavy heart

Human race

Out of place

So much going on

So much going wrong

Too much eccentricity

Power overload

This life that unfolds

Someone killed their wife

He warned her on Facebook

After the death was announced

People hit like on Facebook

Under where he wrote die bitch die?

Animals, lunacy, hypocrisy

He seems the whole world has gone to pot

There is too much irony

There are too many paradoxes

Too many black holes

There is too much negative energy

Incentive feelings so cold

It is like the world is coming to an end

So who is having the last laugh on the last day?

And all the seasons change

We do not know which month it is

Too hot in winter

Too wet in summer

And summer storms hit the fog in December

Snowstorms in the desert

Still the scientists are sceptical of global warming

So tell me Mr. Brains what is it

People have no money and are desperate

Playing Russian roulette with their lives

Bad town planning over the last fifty years

Little boys playing with sharp knives

Idiots cemented over large rivers

Which now flow beneath your feet

Tarmac and brick on the flood plains

Well that worked a treat

So in Milan and Genoa

The water has nowhere to go

It shoots a geyser of water four stories high

And floods and the shops and businesses

And the dithering politicians do not know what to say

And they have no money in the government to help you

Thousands of shopkeepers facing ruin

Nightmares every time it rains

It seems the government have better things to do

Then help the honest worker

Dark storm clouds threaten the north again

Mud flows down town again

People are dying from bad town planning

Sort it out Renzi instead of being the fool

It is like the economy is stagnant and dead

Use that piece of brain inside your head

Stop fooling us with fancy words

We are not laughing in this darkest hour

I suppose you remember La Dolce Vita

It captured that finest elegant moment of Rome

Now the streets once paved with gold

Is just another twilight zone

All riches were spent back in the 1960s

In the 1970s the years of lead

In the 1980s they all fiddled the books

While in the 1990s we fell into the red

And now we have no future

There is no money in our purses

Our parents have emptied their bank accounts

Amongst a million curses

The next generation is totally doomed

They gain a degree but inherit no wisdom

After reading a hundred books to study

Now they are washing dishes in England

And there is a brain drain

The exit doors of Italy are fully open

Everybody looking to live elsewhere,

As this nation is totally rotten

Very little is made in Italy

The once mighty fashion houses

The thousand miles of coastline polluted

And two thousand years of history abandoned

The riches of this nation swept away

And the government fights amongst themselves

As death and doom swirl in the Mediterranean sky

So who is laughing in this last minute?

The only way is down

The only way is out

Civil unrest knocks on the door

Justice has taken a clout

We are taxed to death

And made to suffer

Thrown out of our homes

Fighting one another

There seems to be no way forward

We are led only by fools

Everything has been turned on its head

They have broken all the rules

Nobody is saving Italy

We have all been sent adrift

Too much corruption in the coffee

Too many tears in the wine

The spaghetti is choking us while we eat

And the olives poisoned by the mafia

The population is desperate

They are at their wits end

The hospitals pick and choose who should live or die

There are no social benefits

Water and warmth cut off

For arrears of one month

Equitalia the monster you dream of at night

They knock on your door and take your oven away

Living in fear


Panic attacks

Your last clock is ticking away

You are living in dismay

It does not feed you or keep you warm

And somebody now occupies your home

The days have passed

The hours strolled by

Agony has brought you into the last minute

Nobody is laughing as you live your last second.

Sad Song.

As we come to the end of another

I am truly sad to say

That this adventure is closing

I now lead you away

Take you home to clean up

Remove the sand from your ears

Hang up that old Stetson

Guns down on the table

And this is a sad song, maybe

Could be sung by any old cowboy

Like Bret Michaels back in October 88

Just strumming away on an acoustic guitar

Does not matter how good you are

If Kid Rock can do it

Then anyone can

Just sit on a stool and look real grim

Don’t shed a tear though

Or you will mess up your glam rock makeup

The world sometimes isn’t a friendly place

It scars everyone someway

This is the downfall of the human race

Just singing the blues as a cowboy

Remember things from the past

All the mistakes and crazy situations

Youth and its mischief never lasts

Maturity comes and adds frustration

So you sing a sad song maybe

Remembering friends you lost along the way

But not just in a drunken fight

Some friends never made it through the night

Some poisoned themselves to death

Then struck down by a heart attack

Roads are dangerous and takes loved ones away

Some work in dangerous situations

Just to put extra food on the table

Lost his pride in the hospital

Cutting up the ground which was too unstable

So we sing a sad song maybe

Just like a cowboy with a heavy heart

Justice never comes to the ones who need it most

Fortune never shines on those who deserve it

But don’t let this get you down

You have got to ride the bull take it by the horns

Hang on desperately as your life depends on it

Fragile and fragrant gain an identity

Remember all who made you strong

All the advice and direction pointers

The love and embraces to make you smile

So dust of the sand you gained in the desert of loneliness

Come on in from the howling wind of grief

Get in the tub and wash away all the pain

Get warm get fed and find your strength again

Put on your best clothes get down to the bar

Put on your companion a six string guitar

Get your western boots tapping to a beat

Start singing a song from off the street

And sing a sad song, maybe

With determination and pride in the heart

A sad song for the ladies

Just to point out who you really are

Because you walked into a dust storm

And came through with your life intact

Scratched and bleeding and hair out of place

But you spat out the dust and wiped your face

Skin now harder and wrinkles define

A sun caressed canvas older in some ways

Beard a little greyer, but looking divine

Getting stronger in the passage of time

Giving you something to sing about

So you sing a sad song for the audience

Sipping whiskey in the worst type of bar

But burning off the excess poison

And singing all about who you are.

Closing Time.

This is the end, finally, I hope you have enjoyed the words I have put together here, 5000 words all lined up side by side giving you a point of view on the reality of life. We struggle on tomorrow is uncertain but we cannot and should not let it get us down, I admit things do get difficult watching all the news lately, but I am better off than most, I should not complain so I wrote 12 volts of eccentricity underlining what is going on around me, and is dedicated to everyone lost or suffering now.

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