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Behind Shaded Voices by Kofi Acquah Behind Shaded Voices by Nov. 25, 2017 $2.00 67 words Sample 20%
Summary .. This collection of poems unveils mystical packages of life in the world herein and after which seems to lurk behind shaded voices. Basketing the plight of the weak against the coated ways of unequal minds and hearts in the spiritual circle. Thus, the author's feelings and emotions to embark on a voyage to painting these voices with words which are rich in depth and may be esoteric.
How to Kill Your Enemies! by Euan Eoghan How to Kill Your Enemies! by Nov. 24, 2017 Free! 6748 words Read a sample
"It was the worst of times and it was the worst of times. Everyone was going nowhere and everyone was trying to jump on the bandwagon …" or so it might appear to those who have borne witness to a world that promises so little and delivers even less. A collection dealing with subject matter that is wide ranging, while never straying too far from where the human heart should be gravitating towards.
SAMARPAN by PARASHURAM MALI SAMARPAN by Nov. 24, 2017 You set the price! 9349 words Sample 20%
Blue Milk by Ethan Lesley Blue Milk by Nov. 23, 2017 $3.99 6660 words
Blue Milk is Ethan Lesley's second poetry collection that deals with hospitalization trauma, PTSD, recovery, mental and physical health. From the 2017 collection bundle, The Incomplete Range.
Life In The Infinite : Expansio by Ethan Lesley Life In The Infinite : Expansio by Nov. 23, 2017 $4.99 8585 words
Life In The Infinite : Expansio is the first premium edition release for Life In The Infinite (original line-up) from Ethan Lesley's The Incomplete Range poetry collection of 2017.
Nobody Needs Me by Kennie Kayoz Nobody Needs Me by Nov. 23, 2017 Free! 389 words Read a sample
Feeling down one Thursday evening, Kennie takes to writing how he feels unwanted. Feeling like he's best to stay in the shadows and audit life as it moves around him, this is what came out of him.
Metastable Systems by David Kopaska-Merkel Metastable Systems by Nov. 23, 2017 $2.99 10237 words Sample 10%
Metastable Systems is the latest collection of poems from David C. Kopaska-Merkel. Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, and pure science: it's all here. Whether he turns his artistic vision to science fiction, fantasy, or the dark fantastic, an unsettling amount of real information seeps in. For instance, the femmes fatale of Lovecraft's Innsmouth are scarier for being categorized by species.
Manya-A-Pelo by PM Mohome Manya-A-Pelo by Nov. 23, 2017 $2.00 7391 words Sample 20%
Manya-a-Pelo (Unbosoming of the heart) is a book of poetry in Southern Sotho.
Kgorula by KPD Maphalla Kgorula by Nov. 23, 2017 $2.95 13414 words Sample 20%
Kgorula ke pokello ya dithothokiso tsa kajeno ka sethothokisi se hlwahlwa seo ntle le tikatiko ya letho e leng e mong wa bangodi ba hlaheletseng ka mahetla ba Afrika mehleng ena ya rona. E akaretsa dihlooho le mmokotaba e fapaneng ka yona.
A Taste Of My Thoughts Another Turkeymas Day by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Another Turkeymas Day by Nov. 22, 2017 Free! 550 words Read a sample
Another year has passed and still we are encourage to celebrate the day of Christmas prior to the simple enjoyment of Thanksgiving with family and friends. This poem is just a little jot to poke fun at corporate greed and the society of today. Please enjoy and have a great 2017 Thanksgiving or A.K.A. Turkeymas day!
أسرار الجرْس في الشّعر العربي العمودي by FEKIR Souhil أسرار الجرْس في الشّعر العربي العمودي by Nov. 22, 2017 $16.99 29844 words Sample 17%
يهدف هذا الكتاب إلى كشف أسرار الجرس في الشّعر العربي و بيان ما يكتنفه من غموض,و يعتمد في ذلك على الأساليب الإحصائيّة المتقدّمة انطلاقا من الدّراسة الوصفيّة و صولا إلى التّحليلات المعمّقة. و يكشف أنّ أسباب الجرس تعتمد على الوزن و ما يتبعه من تموقع للمدود و السّواكن, صفات و مخارج الحروف, و حركات الأحرف. و لا يتحقّق الجرس الشّعريّ إلّا بتوفّر عنصر المعنى, بحيث تتشابك هاته العناصر الأربع فيما بينها.
Святая Русь by Дмитрий Игоревич Соловьев Святая Русь by Nov. 22, 2017 $1.19 7877 words Sample 20%
Эта книга о России. Святая Русь - всё то самое дорогое для автора, что сказано о России, написано в этой книге. Эта книга о любви к России.
The Artist Heart In Design by Jaymesa & Keairis Michie The Artist Heart In Design by Nov. 21, 2017 $2.00 2484 words Sample 15%
Two sisters, Jaymesa and Keairis Michie bring you a poetry book that illustrates the personal messages of emotional pain and the processes to overcome it.
A Journey Through Poetry by Amanda Lyell A Journey Through Poetry by Nov. 21, 2017 $0.99 5054 words Sample 15%
This book introduces a collection of poetry to endure through the ages.
Un Ángel en mi portal by Miguel D'Addario Un Ángel en mi portal by Nov. 21, 2017 $4.50 2671 words Sample 1%
Este poemario nace a partir de un extraño suceso, porque surge luego de contactar con una seguidora de las redes sociales, quien sin siquiera conocerme me cuenta una historia personal y profunda. Un relato secreto y doloroso, una historia de muerte y amor. Yo interpreté ese encuentro como si fuera un ángel que se acercó a contarme algo, a decirme verdades, y a dejarme un mensaje final.
Poèmes à tout vent by Michel Miaille Poèmes à tout vent by Nov. 21, 2017 $0.99 11602 words
L'auteur vous propose un petit voyage dans le domaine de la fantaisie et de la modernité poétique au travers d'une cinquantaine de textes de forme libre. Il vous invite à visionner avec lui quelques images de notre temps et vous donne rendez-vous avec les mots des poètes et des rêveurs de tous temps.
Deep, Dark, and Lovely by H.A. Larson Deep, Dark, and Lovely by Nov. 20, 2017 $0.99 2622 words
A short book of poetry filled with emotional, heartfelt words written during the darkest of times. It's a true expression of a period of anger, sadness, turmoil, and healing. Different from my other work, this is a labor of love of a different kind.
Desde el país sin aplausos by Aarón D. Ruiz Desde el país sin aplausos by Nov. 19, 2017 Free! 4267 words Read a sample
La mayoría de los textos reunidos aparecieron en diferentes medios en Internet. Fueron reunidos aquí con el nombre Desde el país sin aplausos, porque cada uno rescata la experiencia de habitar México, sus realidades complejas, sus problemas, dolores y esperanzas. Aquí reunimos diferentes voces y estilos. Todos sueñan otros horizontes de esperanza, justicia, vida y paz.
Life's Seasons, Reasons and Lessons (Challenges, Obstacles and Races) by Connie Fel A. Franco Life's Seasons, Reasons and Lessons (Challenges, Obstacles and Races) by Nov. 18, 2017 $4.99 9993 words Sample 10%
A collection of poems composed on different seasons in life, on special reasons and the lessons it brought us to life. it is an author's expression of personal challenges in life, overcoming and surpassing obstacles, conquering and winning life's daily races.
Define by Vera West Define by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 1607 words Sample 20%
A collection of various seven word micro-poems that define some of West's favorite (and most moving) words. Set in alphabetical order, this collection evokes emotion and imagery as the reader explores a poetic twist on the traditional concept of a dictionary.
I am Black & Bad by Darlington Chukwunyere I am Black & Bad by Nov. 18, 2017 $15.00 7729 words Sample 35%
Have you been longing for some Poetry so simple, powerful and mind blowing? Here it is at long last. I am Black & Bad is a collection of 40 poems originally composed by Darlington Chukwunyere, written in the most simplified and understandable English language. These poems were inspired by the realities of the recent times, and thus budded from the poet’s bank of ingenuity.
Resonance by Seanaphoka Tsapi Resonance by Nov. 17, 2017 $7.99 12634 words Sample 10%
Resonance Symphonies from utopia of the soul Poetry is Art… these three words, in this sequence are certainly the most exhilarating, glorious and at some thought; most ambiguous. They appear to explain it all, yet at the same time they don't even begin to cover all things we might feel or think when they are said.
Nocturnal Notes by Bola Olusanya Nocturnal Notes by Nov. 16, 2017 $8.99 12484 words Sample 15%
Nocturnal Notes provides a prism into Bola Olusanya’s youth in Nigeria under military dictatorship. His language is fluid, intelligent, rich in imagery, storytelling and emotion, yet accessible for its minimalism and optimism. Honesty is his stage and hope, an ever-present prop. Even when tackling heart-wrenching motifs, Bola gives us a taste of immeasurable hope.
Little Girl Blues: Existence of an Image by J.N. McGhee Little Girl Blues: Existence of an Image by Nov. 15, 2017 $2.25 7751 words Sample 20%
These poems take you on a journey through the eyes of a child transitioning into adolescence. Questioning the societal and familial conjectures, the child experiences reality from a perspective that causes her to embody the "poetically blue" spirit as she struggles to find out who she really is. The book centers around the main themes of existence, image, identity, and self.
Silent Thoughts: A Collection of Musings by Jordan Dean Silent Thoughts: A Collection of Musings by Nov. 15, 2017 Free! 5919 words Sample 100%
Silent Thoughts isn’t just about poetry: it’s about finding a voice and using it to express one’s thoughts and experiences. These are random thoughts I’ve scribbled over the years and wish to share those thoughts in words. Every word has a value.
I Was Just Thinking by P. L. GREENALL I Was Just Thinking by Nov. 15, 2017 $5.00 6765 words Sample 1%
A book of poetry and lyrics dealing with the head, the heart and the soul - in other words, life.
В долината на Замбези (стихове за деца, малки и големи) by Chris Myrski В долината на Замбези (стихове за деца, малки и големи) by Nov. 15, 2017 $2.49 7283 words Sample 25%
In Bulgarian! Това са най-различни детски стихове, и за малки, и за по-големи, също с леки и запомнящи се рими. Доколкото детските стихосбирки обикновено са с малко неща (но напечатани с големи букви), то от тук могат да излязат 2 книжки. Освен това книгата все стоеше отворена, но в 2017 най-после реших да я затворя.
দুপুর মিত্রের ফ্লার্ফ কবিতা by Dupur Mitra দুপুর মিত্রের ফ্লার্ফ কবিতা by Nov. 14, 2017 Free! 5297 words Read a sample
দুপুর মিত্রের ফ্লার্ফ কবিতা প্রথম প্রকাশ: ১৫ নভেম্বর, ২০১৭ বইটি বিক্রির জন্য নয়
দুপুর মিত্রের ব্যাখ্যা সিরিজের কবিতা by Dupur Mitra দুপুর মিত্রের ব্যাখ্যা সিরিজের কবিতা by Nov. 14, 2017 Free! 3265 words Read a sample
দুপুর মিত্রের ব্যাখ্যা সিরিজের কবিতা প্রথম প্রকাশ: ১৫ নভেম্বর, ২০১৭ বইটি বিক্রির জন্য নয়
Through These Eyes by Jen Selinsky Through These Eyes by Nov. 14, 2017 $0.99 5874 words Sample 20%
"Through These Eyes" contains poems, musings, and short flash fiction stories which Jen wrote in 2016.
Chocolate Muffins by Jen Selinsky Chocolate Muffins by Nov. 14, 2017 $0.99 7919 words Sample 20%
Despite the title, "Chocolate Muffins" is not a cookbook. Rather, it contains poems, musings and two short stories.
Mr Nice Guy - Trials and Tribluations Of Being Nice by Kennie Kayoz Mr Nice Guy - Trials and Tribluations Of Being Nice by Nov. 14, 2017 Free! 605 words Read a sample
Being a nice guy isn't always easy, here's just a few ways people look at your general nice guy.
Afrows: Words of Subversion by Afrows Afrows: Words of Subversion by Nov. 14, 2017 Free! 10167 words Read a sample
A provocative anthology of protest poetry and prose that confronts a myriad of issues plaguing contemporary South Africa – including endemic sexual violence, homophobia, racism, economic inequality and government corruption
Watching Television Poems by Earnest Long Watching Television Poems by Nov. 13, 2017 Free! 1155 words Read a sample
Television has been around so long! So, by now, people must have some poems to write about it! Here are five poems about television for the reader to enjoy.
Mid-September Poems by Earnest Long Mid-September Poems by Nov. 13, 2017 Free! 3309 words Read a sample
Mid-September is when the evenings draw in and people are contemplating the death and decay they see around them. The book is about this but about sex as well as death.
Brief Moments by Earnest Long Brief Moments by Nov. 13, 2017 Free! 3409 words Read a sample
Poetry about passing moments and feelings briefly had about girls and wanting sex. Writing poetry offers a unique way of expressing pent up sexual feelings and worries.
Short Order Poems by Pam Woolway Short Order Poems by Nov. 13, 2017 $3.00 724 words
Short Order Poems were crafted on a Remington 5 vintage typewriter at art events on the island of Kauai, where Pam Woolway, known as The Short Order Poet, composes spontaneous verse on an iconic four-by-six inch waitress guest check. The customer offers a word or phrase as the title of the poem. When the poem is finished, they receive the green guest copy and Pam retains the yellow kitchen copy.
Despaired Darlings by Amber Ethridge Despaired Darlings by Nov. 12, 2017 $5.99 1263 words Sample 10%
Work of art with a poem for everyone. Satisfy your love, lust, hate, and anger with one book.
I'll Make This Brief by P. L. GREENALL I'll Make This Brief by Nov. 12, 2017 $5.00 12292 words Sample 1%
A mix of poetry and lyrics, thoughts and observations, and a short story, this is a short book for people short on time by a man short on attention span.
Circle Of Emotions by Authoress Hurricane Circle Of Emotions by Nov. 12, 2017 $2.99 6185 words Sample 10%
Authoress Hurricane's intriguing poems in Circle Of Emotions will leave you breathless with chills, maybe shed a few tears, as the love in your heart realize the passion in her writing! Find out more in this emotional book of poetry.
De ida y vuelta por la autopista de la impermanencia by O. T. Socas De ida y vuelta por la autopista de la impermanencia by Nov. 11, 2017 $3.99 3767 words Sample 15%
Poemas escritos entre 2012 y 2017. La realidad final del ser humano como individuo separado de la multitud en su viaje por la impermanencia de la vida.
Compounds Constitute by Leigh Warbrick Compounds Constitute by Nov. 11, 2017 Free! 15237 words Read a sample
Compounds Constitute is a compilation of poetry in the short-form, predominately composed as a particular moment or instant, like a photo or painting of a scene or a feeling in the moment it's felt. The themes of the poems are nature, landscapes, seasons, elements, metaphysical, astronomy, time, cityscapes, technology, transport, perceptions, philosophies and human interactions.
בית by Uvi Poznansky בית by Nov. 11, 2017 $0.99 10963 words Sample 10%
בית. מילה פשוטה. מילה בעלת משמעויות מורכבות. מילה של לחש, מילה של זעקה. מילה של געגועים למקום מושלם, מקום שלעולם לא נמצאנו שוב. ספר זה מכיל קובץ של שירים בשפת המקור, מפרי עטו של המשורר, הסופר והאמן זאב כחל. השירים נכתבו בערוב ימיו ונתגלו על ידי בתו, אובי פוזננסקי, בזמן השבעה. שש שנים מאוחר יותר, היא תרגמה את הקובץ לאנגלית ופרסמה אותו, יחד עם מבחר משיריה: Home
Cul-de-Sac by Jen Selinsky Cul-de-Sac by Nov. 10, 2017 $0.99 10853 words Sample 20%
"Cul-de-Sac" contains a mixture of poems, unpublished to letters to editors, musings, and one short story.
Scifaikuest November 2017 by T Santitoro Scifaikuest November 2017 by Nov. 10, 2017 $2.99 4838 words Sample 10%
Scifaikuest presents minimalist poetry in various forms, including scifaiku, senryu, haibun, fibonacci, and haiga. There are also illustrations and articles or interviews. Featured poet for this issue is William Landis.
Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking: Dàin Rumi airson a’ Mhìosachain Ghàidhealaich an Albainn Nuaidh / Poems of Rumi for the Gaelic Cultural Calendar in Nova Scotia by Lodaidh MacFhionghain & Coleman Barks Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking: Dàin Rumi airson a’ Mhìosachain Ghàidhealaich an Albainn Nuaidh / Poems of Rumi for the Gaelic Cultural Calendar in Nova Scotia by
& Nov. 10, 2017
$6.99 11919 words Sample 20%
Lewis MacKinnon’s fourth Scottish Gaelic poetry collection features translations of the Rumi interpretations of poet Coleman Barks alongside MacKinnon’s own original poems. The poems in the collection are grouped thematically in sections corresponding to days that are celebrated in the Gaelic cultural calendar year in Nova Scotia.
Beauty of Sadness by Masha Aleskovski Beauty of Sadness by Nov. 09, 2017 Free! 6654 words Read a sample
This is a collection of poems that I wrote throughout the years but mainly from a poetry class that I took.
A Danger to Self and Others by Tyree Campbell A Danger to Self and Others by Nov. 09, 2017 $1.99 7005 words Sample 10%
Science fiction poetry, when it’s serious, has the entire cosmos to consider. And when it’s playful, it has the entire universe to play with. On the serious side, take a look at Campbell’s poem “Evolution,” which opens the collection. Or you want playful? Read his poem titled “How the Solar System Really Lost its Tenth Planet,” or “Garden Party.” And there are dragons! Plus hope, sorrow, joy, humo
Ya, pero todavía no: Poemario by Aarón D. Ruiz Ya, pero todavía no: Poemario by Nov. 09, 2017 $1.82 2680 words Sample 15%
Cada uno de los versos están escritos desde la perspectiva de un creyente que confiesa la nueva creación, mientras que se enfrenta a las consecuencias de la caída. La familia, la política, la justicia, el amor, las relaciones humanas, han sido todas manchadas por el error humano, y aunque el Señor ya ha comenzado su obra de restauración a través del Evangelio, hay mucho camino por recorrer.
Nirvana by Michael Tavon Nirvana by Nov. 08, 2017 $2.99 4737 words Sample 20%
Nirvana is a compilation of hauntingly beautiful pieces by Michael Tavon. The author discusses, regret, anxiousness, racial issues, craving for love and much more. Tavon gets deeply personal and introspective, in hopes of helping those who are in need of self-healing.