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How to End War - Not For Grown Ups by Daniel Hargrove How to End War - Not For Grown Ups by March 24, 2019 Free! 1,200 words Read a sample
Five-Penny Rhymes by Beanie Lei Five-Penny Rhymes by March 24, 2019 $1.99 4,290 words Sample 20%
Twenty short fictional stories written as twenty short poems (most of which rhyme), 'Five-Penny Rhymes' is a young woman's snapshots of life in the UK, in England, in the 2010s. Does not contain erotica.
You are my Kindred Lover by Rori O'Keeffe You are my Kindred Lover by March 24, 2019 Free! 710 words Read a sample
The poem turns from feeling to thought to sweet remorse. A story of an aged warrior passing the torch onto another with failing hands, this poem is testimony to the spark of passion that lies within each of us, if only the winds of change turn that spark into an illuminating flame. Are you ready to live more passionately? No adult-only content. Approximately 700 words.
Gamla gänget by Sam Diellor Luani Gamla gänget by March 23, 2019 Free! 41,950 words Read a sample
"Gamla gänget", en metadikt om svek, sveda och värk i formens fängsliga förvar, skriven av Sam D. Luani. Här är boken som den svenska polisen känner sig obekväm med. Boken utpekas som ett hot som kan skada myndighetens verksamhet och poeten utpekas som en falsk främling som olovligen har tagit landets officiella språk i besittning. Boken bryter mot lagen, menar ansvariga inom polisen.
The Braying Lamb by Daniel Hargrove The Braying Lamb by March 22, 2019 Free! 580 words
A short book of five poems, in my usual erratic manner.
Pivot by Debbie Richard Pivot by March 22, 2019 $7.99 7,190 words Sample 10%
This collection of poetic works articulates turning points that result in drastic change, realization, and understanding.
The Tragedy of Knowing by Rori O'Keeffe The Tragedy of Knowing by March 22, 2019 Free! 550 words Read a sample
What better way to greet spring in the Northern Hemisphere than with claxons blaring? These six poems take a look at the issues that have made America's grotesque would-be Putin inevitable, and leave it to the reader to fill in the blanks for possible answers. No adult-only content.
The Graffiti of Pompeii by Laura Sobbot Ross The Graffiti of Pompeii by March 22, 2019 $7.99 9,580 words Sample 10%
The Graffiti of Pompeii is series of poems inspired by actual graffiti unearthed from the ancient city of Pompeii. Just like the voices of the graffiti writers, the poems assume different tones, moods, and perspectives. What was the most fascinating both for a writer and the reader connecting the words across the centuries, was how much alike we are, and how time does little to alter our basic hum
Blood of My Blood: Second Drop by Khali Raymond Blood of My Blood: Second Drop by March 22, 2019 $2.99 7,180 words
The blood may fall, but it don't fall like these tears do... it doesn’t fall like my tears.
Three Colors Brilliant! by J. Elk-Baptisté Three Colors Brilliant! by March 21, 2019 $2.00 1,210 words Sample 20%
Three Colors Brilliant! Prose poetry by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment
POETRY with NO FILTER by RJ Williams POETRY with NO FILTER by March 21, 2019 Free! 2,800 words Read a sample
29 free verse poems; Poetry with No Filter
The Vita Collection by J.L. Solomon The Vita Collection by March 21, 2019 Free! 3,660 words Read a sample
A collection of poetry about life.
100 Off-Beat Haiku and Tanka and a Bit of Senryu by Mari T 100 Off-Beat Haiku and Tanka and a Bit of Senryu by March 21, 2019 $2.99 1,980 words Sample 20%
The haiku of today slip between the fingers and creep away from nature and into cities and offices, cars and buses, shops and schools, alleys and the pockets of strangers met on the street. They rummage through trash in search for an impression, an emotion, or an image to strike at the heart of the reader. Sometimes this can’t be done in the prison of 5-7-5. Sometimes they just come out Off-Beat.
Rocking Horse Pond by J. Elk-Baptisté Rocking Horse Pond by March 20, 2019 $2.00 1,260 words Sample 40%
Rocking Horse Pond This is a short collection of prose poetry By J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
A Voice in the Wind by Leeza Wilson A Voice in the Wind by March 20, 2019 $2.99 5,550 words Sample 20%
Captured between the covers of this book are the feelings and thoughts stirred by a world gone mad. Open the cover and listen to my voice in the wind. Let it carry you through the trials and heartache that have made their mark. Feel the healing from the purging of pain through these poems from a heart and soul that longs for a happier world and wishes to give a voice to the voiceless.
One with Willows by Joan Myles One with Willows by March 20, 2019 $6.00 4,770 words
You will want One With Willows on your bookshelf when you need a friendly reminder that things can get better. It will sit with you on the edge of the bed when you are weary, and revive your sense of hope when you need a boost.
中国的隐士 A Hermit In China by Leo Liu 中国的隐士 A Hermit In China by March 20, 2019 $4.99 2,290 words Sample 15%
Consolidation by Mu Pi Chan Consolidation by March 20, 2019 Free! 3,460 words Read a sample
A selection of poems written between 2000 and 2012, which is NOT to be distributed through APPLE.
His World Returns by Khali Raymond His World Returns by March 20, 2019 $3.99 12,710 words
Khali's world has opened up again. Come on and take a step into it.
Bits of Life by KJ Mullins Bits of Life by March 19, 2019 You set the price! 3,360 words Sample 20%
Bits of Life are random thoughts on my life as a writer, poet and human in this ever-changing world.
A Diary of A Sick Child by Douglas Hajanika A Diary of A Sick Child by March 19, 2019 $2.50 7,540 words Sample 20%
This is a recollection of doodles from the twisted mind of a socially sick child A compilation of random essays, poems and delights
Love Poems for Shawn Mendes by Rolly Ongco Pasilan Love Poems for Shawn Mendes by March 18, 2019 Free! 5,910 words Read a sample
Love story in poetry. Poems from the heart. A must read poem collection. The author surmises the poem as the world's longest single love poem. So girls, get ready to be in love. Prepared to get swooned as bolt of sensational currents electrify every nerve and blood vessel of your oh so-damned-gorgeous-glorious-body.
A Warm Goodnight by Christopher L. Coffee A Warm Goodnight by March 18, 2019 Free! 900 words Read a sample
In a quaint, provincial town in the Deep South there exist a place called Starleaf Ranch where once, long ago, a star fell and made what came to be called Stardrop Pond. Located at latitude starlight and longitude wonder. . .
چامه های فصل خاکستر by علیرضا خالو کاکایی چامه های فصل خاکستر by March 18, 2019 $4.99 7,260 words Sample 20%
“Songs of the Ashes Season” is a title of poem book that written by Ali reza khalo kakaee شعرهای این کتاب در سال ‌های پر مخاطره‌ی ۱۳۶۰ تا ۶۵ سروده شده‌ اند؛ سال های تیرباران دسته جمعی آزادیخواهان در ایران، سال های تازیانه زدن های خیابانی، سال هایی که در آنها خمینی تنوره می کشید و جوانان ایران را به تنور جنگ می ریخت.
Simply You by David Wesley Anderson Simply You by March 18, 2019 $5.99 6,580 words Sample 10%
Simply You is the 2019 second edition publication of David Wesley Anderson’s 2016 debut book. This updated compilation is a poetic renaissance of the original micropoems, now woven into long form with a hint of storytelling and a fresh perspective on the original poetry’s themes of love.
Dark Road Ahead by Andrew James Wells Dark Road Ahead by March 17, 2019 $0.99 7,290 words Sample 20%
This is a rollercoaster of emotions, from sadness to rage, depression to love, and details moments in my life, as well as things that are dear to my heart.
50 Shades Of Ken by Ken Squires 50 Shades Of Ken by March 16, 2019 Free! 3,030 words Read a sample
When poet Ken Squires goes to express himself in with anything that comes to mind you will encounter a man who is brilliant, intimidating as well as a man who knows what he likes, dislikes and what he wants. You may stand on the same side as Ken when it comes to certain subjects or you may push back against him during others. It will only take a bit before he plunges in deep and fill your mind wit
Umbrella Smiles by Thomas Gerritsen Umbrella Smiles by March 15, 2019 $3.99 7,670 words Sample 20%
A playful collection of poems inspired by love, light, hope and romance. I am a man of God and have been writing poetry ever since I was filled with his love. I found the very core of myself and that is romance. I find poetry to be the most beautiful way to say anything and using my imagination with words is a wonderful pleasure.
Pouèmo prouvençau by Michel Miaille Pouèmo prouvençau by March 15, 2019 $0.99 10,240 words Sample 20%
L'autour vous prepauso quàuqui pouèmo en lengo d'o, dialeiète prouvençau roudanen, pèr vous charra dou mounde e de la vido de vuei en meme tèms. Vous souveto uno bello passejado din si mot e sa lengo e se souvetavias, pèr asard, aprefoundi aquesto darriero, n'en sarié ravi.
Freewheeling Up The Hill by Margaret Hawkins Freewheeling Up The Hill by March 15, 2019 $4.99 13,670 words Sample 20%
From painted nails to pilgrimages, red squirrels to red shoes, talking bikes to wedding blessings, power moves to pews on wheels, Irish rural writer, Margaret Hawkins, captures incidents, reactions and emotions to stir the heart and trigger a smile in this new poetry and prose collection
A Creative Tour of an Eclectic Mind by Angela White A Creative Tour of an Eclectic Mind by March 15, 2019 You set the price! 9,260 words
I haven't been here for awhile I dunno how to rest my head But I know your loving arms Are wide open waiting for me And I know your loving heart Is full of warmth for me I can't, no, I can't wait I'm ready for you
Honour Bright by J. Elk-Baptisté Honour Bright by March 14, 2019 $2.00 1,060 words Sample 40%
Honour Bright Prose and poetry by, J. Elk-Baptisté, for your enjoyment.
Blue Sky All Over by J. Elk-Baptisté Blue Sky All Over by March 14, 2019 $2.00 1,090 words Sample 40%
Blue Sky All Over A collection of prose poetry by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
Art Class by J. Elk-Baptisté Art Class by March 14, 2019 $2.00 1,480 words Sample 40%
Art Class A short essay on several artists lives and work. By, J. Elk-Baptisté, for your entertainment.
Meandering Fall of Wisdom Theory by Gary Hawkes Meandering Fall of Wisdom Theory by March 14, 2019 You set the price! 1,620 words Sample 10%
A short collection of poems addressing contemporary issues
Thoughts of a Woman (Poetry Confessions) by Andrea Crawford Thoughts of a Woman (Poetry Confessions) by March 14, 2019 $4.99 10,380 words Sample 10%
An expressive reflection of emotions discovered while navigating various life events, Thoughts of a Woman: Poetry Confessions overflows with a consummate blend of truth, humor, and pain.
Ramblings Of A One-Eyed Garbage Man by Jim Hart Ramblings Of A One-Eyed Garbage Man by March 13, 2019 $2.99 9,720 words
Outrageous. Poignant. Visceral. Heartrending. Whether he comments on modern urban American society or offer a son's love Jim's poetry will provoke a mass of reactions in you. If you are not afraid to think, to wonder, to shudder, to have your heart touched then do not miss this slim volume of exquisite verse.
The August Vampeer: Narrative Verse by Simon Pole The August Vampeer: Narrative Verse by March 12, 2019 $9.99 18,660 words Sample 20%
Stories of vampire tyrants, stories of hidden kings, stories of kidnapped guitar heroes, stories of witch mothers, and stories of cannibal Communists: such are the stories told in dark narrative verse, and found in the pages of The August Vampeer, a compelling and richly textured collection of poetry composed by master poet Simon Pole, author of The Saga of Terminal City and Poems for Ocean.
Bona Fide Poems of Insight  Vol. 3  Erotic Poetry by Erika Garcia Bona Fide Poems of Insight Vol. 3 Erotic Poetry by March 12, 2019 $18.99 1,300 words
Bona Fide Poems of Insight is a poetry book. These erotic lyrics can take your mind out of this universe.Enjoy these seductive poems!
கடவுளின் ஹைக்கூ by M Vignesh கடவுளின் ஹைக்கூ by March 12, 2019 $1.01 1,230 words Sample 10%
“கண் கண்ட கடவுளை கவிஞனாக்கி”, அவன் கண்ட இந்நாள் உலகை கருவாக்கி , உயிரும் மெய்யுமாய் இருப்பவன் சிந்தையில் உயிர்மெய் எழுத்துக்கள் உலாவவிட்டு , அண்டங்கள் காப்பவன் கரங்களில் அமிர்த தமிழை விளையாடவிட்டு, கற்சிற்பங்களில் ஒளிந்து திருக்கோயில் கொண்டவன் வெண் காகிதம் கொண்டு கவிச்சிற்பம் வடித்தால் ....??? என்ற கேள்விகளின் கற்பனை தொகுப்புகளே "கடவுளின் ஹைக்கூ...!”
Thoughts by Rufaro Mabiyana Thoughts by March 12, 2019 Free! 2,830 words Read a sample
Desires and worries confessed
Ever Unknown, Ever Misunderstood by Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum Ever Unknown, Ever Misunderstood by March 11, 2019 $12.50 2,440 words Sample 20%
"Ever Unknown, Ever Misunderstood" is a book of personal poetry by Alaskan author Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum. Contains some mildly profane language and adult themes.
Songs from the Underground by Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum Songs from the Underground by March 11, 2019 $12.50 2,270 words Sample 15%
"Songs from the Underground" is a book of personal poetry by Alaskan author Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum. Contains some profane language and adult themes.
Uneven Lanes by Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum Uneven Lanes by March 11, 2019 $10.00 1,760 words Sample 20%
"Uneven Lanes" is a book of personal poetry by Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum. Contains some mildly profane language and adult themes.
Unspoken Words by Madi Kalane Unspoken Words by March 11, 2019 $4.59 5,760 words Sample 20%
Unspoken Words is a collection of poems. The poems are thought-provoking and they remind us that at the end of the day we are human beings. Sometimes we hurt, feel and fail, but the pain and the failure isn't the end. These poems are written to inspire and be a salve to wounds we never wanted others to know about.
Thoughts by Jordana Blasco Thoughts by March 10, 2019 $2.99 9,790 words Sample 20%
Poetry and literary prose. Deep feelings. Deep emotions. They may make you cry.
Brin d'hysope by Ricardo Akpo Brin d'hysope by March 10, 2019 $4.95 11,620 words Sample 10%
Un Lamartine de plus ou un Hugo qui s’ajoute ? Imaginez le disque solaire gambader dans le firmament. Prêtez l'oreille aux yeux qui tambourinent, regardez les nuages marcher et sentez la proximité des étoiles qui peuplent vos rêves et scintillent dans la nuit de vos doutes et illusions. Inclinez-vous simplement devant la Beauté de la Création et vous sourirez à la danse des mots.
Words of Life: Poems and Essays by Ann Chiappetta Words of Life: Poems and Essays by March 09, 2019 $3.99 12,790 words Sample 20%
Beautifully and powerfully, the author writes about both the light and dark sides of life. Here are poems and stories about nature, blindness, social isolation, families, dogs, delightful scents, and the power of the muse. Just as in her first book, Upwelling, there is no fluff here. To read Ann Chiappetta’s works is to feel them deeply, appreciate them mightily, and remember them forever.
Consider The Lilies by J. Elk-Baptisté Consider The Lilies by March 08, 2019 $2.00 1,120 words Sample 40%
Consider The Lilies Not a dedicated God book, but I'm sure God won't mind. Prose poetry by J. Elk-Baptisté for your enjoyment.
Les fruits de l'esprit by Gervais Dassi Les fruits de l'esprit by March 08, 2019 $4.95 16,940 words Sample 10%
La poésie est la reine des arts et la mère de la littérature. C’est ce bel art voire cette belle littérature que le jeune poète béninois Gervais Akotchayé DASSI nous tend à travers ce recueil de poèmes. Il nous parle dans son ouvrage de la jeunesse, du travail, du Bénin, de la mort, de l’Afrique sans oublier de décliner poétiquement des hommages à la mère.